DatabrokerDAO is a new cryptocurrency venture and launching via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). DatabrokerDAO and most cryptocurrency start-ups raise capital through an initial coin offering, or I.C.O., a type of fund-raising campaign in which investors buy receive virtual “tokens” using Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. DatabrokerDAO and other cryptocurrency start-ups are generally unregulated, used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists. Why buy DatabrokerDAO? In DatabrokerDAO ICO campaign, a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project which potentially reaping massive rewards.

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DatabrokerDAOToken/Coin ID: DATA
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Bonus: Available
Business Category: Internet, Platform
Launch Date: 2017-09-18 – End Date: 2017-10-16

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DatabrokerDAO Market Cap

Distributed Marketplace for IoT Sensor Data
Enabling the monetisation of IoT sensor data, turning sunk costs into perpetual revenue streams.

About DatabrokerDAO

A wide range of parties will benefit greatly

  • Sensor owners
    Are able to monetize their data and turn a sunk cost into a potential money maker and at least the opportunity to recoup some of their investments in IoT sensors.
  • Network operators
    Gain scale and speed in the adoption of their network as connected telcos can present a win-back to their enterprise accounts, a clear USP.
  • Sensor manufacturers
    Can stop the “race to the bottom” for production and pull resources and capital out of manufacturing and allocate these to profitable SaaS offerings.
  • Smart city initiatives
    Can limit the upfront cost of populating the town with sufficient sensors and turn the expense into an investment with a 2-3 year payback period and a continuous income stream after that.
  • Agricultural sector
    In the Agricultural sector in Belgium today, 10% of farmers are “techie”. They deploy sensors include for wind, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, PH level in the soil. The platform will provide the possibility to recoup some of this cost.
  • Academics
    Can get access to thousands of sensors and can buy data directly and more cheap on the marketplace, cutting out established data providers.


Start date 18 september 2017 – 5PM CET
End date 16 October 2017, 4PM UTC unless Hard cap is reached.
Tokens distributed 11.250.000 (5%)
Goal 9375 ETH
Hard cap 15% of total tokens
Token rate 1 ETH = 1200 DATA
Early discount 20% discount
Referral Bonus 5% of sold tokens
Currencies accepted ETH


Start date 6 to 8 months after early sale
Tokens distributed 60%
Token rate 1 ETH = 1000 DATA
Referral Bonus 5% of sold tokens

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