Dogezer is a new cryptocurrency venture and launching via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Dogezer and most cryptocurrency start-ups raise capital through an initial coin offering, or I.C.O., a type of fund-raising campaign in which investors buy receive virtual “tokens” using Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. Dogezer and other cryptocurrency start-ups are generally unregulated, used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists. Why buy Dogezer? In Dogezer ICO campaign, a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project which potentially reaping massive rewards.

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DogezerToken/Coin ID: DGZ
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, Various
Bonus: Available
Business Category: Platform, Software
Launch Date: 2017-11-15

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Dogezer Market Cap

Platform that allows team members to become product investors by investing their time and labor.

About Dogezer

  1. Dogezer will remove investors as “middlemen” in a project team organization process, giving the founder a possibility to execute the project using the balanced system of promises to team members, who effectively will be the product investors.
  2. Dogezer will open an opportunity for individual contributors to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe in, take an active role in ensuring the project`s success and enjoy the rewards matching their contribution.
  3. Dogezer provides an integrated and ready to use set of tools and best practices for a project execution. Dogezer minimizes conflicts of interests inside the team, ensures team members involvement and helps to build better products faster.

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